Career Profile

Majoring in robotics, machine learning and deep learning at Ogata Lab, and working as a backend engineer in Knowns.

At university, I am researching soft robots which generate complex behaviors and manipulated them by using deep learning algorithms. In addition, I have hands-on experience in developing hardware models in Fusion 360.

As a backend engineer, I tackle with cloud maintenance and its operations. Especially, I am interested in data engineering which optimize a performane of huge databese on web applications.

Fortunately, my research environment is quite international even in Japan. This experience has improved my English skills as native Japanese speaker. After completing a master’s degree, I want to work globaly as a backend enginner.


Backend Engineer at Knowns

May 2022 - Present

Working as a backend engineer at Knowns. I am responsible for data management on AWS Redshift and backend development with Spring Boot.

  • Python, SQL
  • AWS, Git, MySQL, Docker

Internship at Morgan Stanley

Feb 2023 - Mar 2023

This is a full-time 2 month internship at Morgan Stanley. Focus on developing financial algorithms and its PoC.

Internship at Sony

Aug 2022 - Sep 2022

Developing UWB positioning system in Sony Summer Internship. This development were supported by NaviCX Engineering Team in FeliCa Divison.

  • Python

Internship at Rakuten

Ang 2022 - Aug 2022

Implementing a web application in Rakuten Summer Internship. I focused on database management and backend programming here.

  • Python, SQL
  • Flask, MySQL

Working on a research project controlling robots with deep learning models. I was responsible for all aspects of software development including data collection algorithm, motion generation program, and deep learning models.

  • Python, C++
  • Pytorch, Tensorflow, CUDA, Git, Deep Learning, URX, Math3d


Google Machine Learning Bootcamp Japan - Working on Tensorflow Bootcamp at Google. I mainly focused on implementing fundamental ML models.


  • Design of 3-dof 2-link inflatable collaborative robot arm with internal drop stitch structure
  • Gangadhara Naga Sai, Masato Nagashima, Hiroki Mori, Seong Young Ah, Hiroki Sato, Ryuma Niiyama, Testuya Ogata
    RSJ 2022

    Skills & Proficiency


    Java & Kotlin

    Javascript & Typescript